lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Concurso para Estudiantes de Arquitectura PMKTL

Hace un par de días se abrió un concurso dirigido a todos los estudiantes de arquitectura mundialmente, con el objetivo de motivarlos y enriquecer su experiencia estudiantil. Este blog fue contactado personalmente y a continuación se presenta la invitación al evento. A continuación encontrarán la información necesaria (en inglés), así como los links al evento, nombre del contacto y el correo.

Esperando su atención:

To the responsible of Die Gläserne Kette,

My name is Guillermo Carone and I’m writing as the co-founder of the site From ArchMedium we organize International Architecture Competitions for Students that we believe help them get motivated and enriches their learning experience.

We believe this event can be of great interest for the readers of your site, and because of that we would like to ask for your collaboration in the task of promoting the new contest we’ve just launched under the name of “Paris Market Lab”.

A post about it will be great, or any link back to our page, mention in newsletters, etc. whatever you feel more comfortable with if you decide to help us will be welcomed.
At the end of this email you can find some links to the graphic material of this contest as well as the complete rules, but if you need anything else don’t hesitate to ask for it and we will do our best to provide it to you.

Here is a brief description of the competition theme and project:


Gastronomy is without a doubt one of the largest economic activities in the world. With the appearance of new restaurants like the Bulli by Ferran Adria among others, a new concept of cooking has been born, where investigation and research have become key to understand the present and future of gastronomy.

From ArchMedium we will like to propose the creation of a new restaurant concept that we have called “Maket Lab”. The Paris Maket Lab is a complex where kitchen is taken to a new level; not only in the way that dishes are prepared but also in the way the clients interact with it. The Market Lab acts as restaurant and cooking school at once, and it wants to be nothing less than one of the best in the world in both categories.

The chosen site is strategically located a few steps away from the Sain-Germain market at the heart of Paris, forcing the new design to integrate and dialogue with all the history and the urban planning that surrounds it.


The Jury will be formed by:

  • President of the jury: Gustavo Gili
  • Urban Planning: Estaninslau Roca
  • Architect: Josep Bohigas
  • Specialist (Cooker): Gontzal Bilbao
  • Invited Architect from Paris: Alejandro Lapunzina


  • 4000 Euros in Chash
  • Publication of the project in the TC Cuadernos magazine, Future Arquitecturas, SUMMA+ and WA+wettbewerbeaktuell.
  • 1 year subscription to the ON Diseño magazine.
  • Exhibition at the Architecture University of Barcelona (ETSAB) and Buenos Aires (UBA)


September 15th 2011

Registration period begins

January 31st 2012

Submision deadline

You will be able to find more information including the complete rules of the contest, pictures of the site, etc. by following the link below:

Thank you in advance for your time and please don’t hesitate in answering to this e-mail if you have any comment, doubt or feedback.

Guillermo Carone.